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Company Profile:

ION Insurance Group, S.A. (ION) was formed in 2004 in San Jose Costa Rica with an initial Capitalization of US$55.5 million dollars. Today the Group includes ION Surety Company S.A., ION Insurance Company, Inc. (US), and ION Specialty Ltd (UK). 2019 Group Balance Sheet Assets are US$174,299,097.

ION Insurance Company (IIC) was formed in 2016 as a natural expansion of ION Insurance Group’s global presence with an opening audit confirming Balance Sheet Capital of $75,000,000 to better serve and support US based clients and employers which are primarily branches of the United States Government. Domiciled and regulated in American Samoa by the American Samoa Department of Insurance under Certificate of Authority No. 14-0102 the Company is also actively focused on supporting the local insurance market in all classes of insurance and re-insurance including Fire, Contractors All-Risk, Marine and Marine Cargo, General Aviation and of course Surety and Financial Guarantee. All IIC business is ceded back to ION Insurance Group on a 97.5% basis. IIC is also registered and in good standing in the State of Louisiana under Registration No. 42291649F as well as with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) under Registration No. 15936.

The Group was originally formed to fill a niche in the insurance market for clients who had difficulty in obtaining coverage from mainstream insurers, either because of the nature of their business or their physical location. The Group has now evolved into a special risk underwriter concentrating on Marine Hull, Aviation, Financial Guarantees and Bonds, Facultative Reinsurance and Reinsurance Treaty business.

Our group enjoys the benefits of a Board of Directors and Executive Officers with a combined Insurance and Reinsurance experience of well over two hundred years. Our experience covers all facets of Insurance and Reinsurance, from Business Production, through Underwriting of Risks, to Administration, Accounting and Claims Management.

Clients can be secure in knowing that ION appoints local third party claims adjusters to assure absolute integrity in the loss adjustment process in a prompt and professional manner to provide our clients with a superior claims experience.

The company maintains a conservative approach to Underwriting. This strategy has worked well and the Company has grown steadily in size, whilst maintaining its profitability.

During its history, ION Insurance Group, S.A. has been accepted as approved security by numerous clients, financial institutions, insurance companies and, Sovereign Government.

Mission Statement:

ION Insurance Group is committed to offering its clients the best advice, with insurance and reinsurance products designed to cover your exact needs and service that is second to none. We continually strive to improve our performance and rely upon the good will of our clients, who measure our abilities on a daily basis.


Fairness and truthfulness in all our business dealings.


Our conduct will always reflect sound, ethical business practice.


Customer service is not a corporate department, it is an attitude.


Always there to serve your needs.


Striving to do better every day.